Put a bag with “clean food” in places where people look for food

Very simple good idea that we got from here (in Greek).

If you live in places where there are people living on the street, searching in the garbage, sleeping in parks… and you really want to do something to help even when you are not there when they come and look for food, here is what you can do: just put some food into a bag, write something on the bag like “clean food” and leave it outside where you know people will be looking for food.

Some tips:

  • Make sure you put the bag in a place where dogs and cats can’t reach it. Hang it on to something.
  • Make sure you put the bag in places where people will actually look for it. In most poorer countries, people are searching the trash, so the best is to look for a place that is clean close/next to the trash. But in some cities the best places may be parks or other public places.
  • At the beginning, it may take 1-2 days until someone takes the food, later they will know to look for it there. Try not to change the places you put the bag too often, so that people know where to search.
  • Try to find a regular schedule so people know more or less when they can count on it.
  • Try to put food that won’t get wasted too fast.
  • No need to put anything fancy, simply some bread with butter and cheese is cheap and welcome.

If after trying this out you see that the bag is gone regularly, you know that you are feeding someone who doesn’t need to go through the trash anymore. You can try 2 bags now!


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