Give away things you are not using

This is a very simple idea. We all have so many things in our closets that we are not using, but keeping “just in case”. Most of the time ,the “case” never comes and we just accumulate things. When you donate things, you will have more space and make others happy at the same time. It will also teach you to think twice before buying things you don’t actually use.

There is always a place to donate things: a second-hand shop, churches, charity organisations,  and in some countries you can just put your things next to the trash where some people will look for them. Toys and kids clothes can go to orphanages, and sometimes if nobody around you is in need you can send your things to countries where almost everything is needed. Just ask around!

There is a nice story about this:

A man went to visit a master to learn about the secret of life. He was surprised to see that he lived in a simple, book-lined room, in which the only pieces of furniture were a table and a bench.

‘Master, where’s all your furniture?’ asked the tourist.

‘Why, where’s yours?’ answered the master.

‘Mine? But I’m just passing through.’

‘So am I,’ said the master.


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