KOPAN HELPING HANDS- The Kopan monks help the Nepal earthquake victims

Shortly after the main earthquake, a group of monks from the Kopan monastery did everything in their power to help people clean up, collect garbage, bring food, medical care and provide basic needs to most remote areas of Nepal where no international help had arrived.

Today, Kopan Helping Hands is still helping out some groups who have not received any aid from anywhere else, those with special needs such as elderly or sick people, or those who are in very remote places. However, the main focus is on providing long term help. Soon the monsoon, and then the cold weather will settle in, and people living in nylon tents just cannot stay that way. Kopan has made a plan to transport good quality tents and help build temporary shelters before starting rebuilding. All this will cost a lot of money, so any help is welcome.

Why we think this cause is special: If you specify that your donation is for Kopan Helping Hands, all your money will go there, directly, to help the people in Nepal who most need it. So if you really want to help the people living under terrible conditions since the earthquake happened, this is the place to donate to.

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