All is good, here comes Allisgood!

Hello friends and future friends of Allisgood,

All is good!  We got tired of bad news and decided to focus on the good ones, and the result was surprising: we found that there are actually many good projects going on in this world, there are sooo many people with amazing ideas doing awesome things, but many times we don’t even know about them because they are not focusing on publicity! This is where Allisgood comes in, because the more help they get, the more good things will happen. You will see that there is a number of different ways you can help!

Welcome to our site, please feel at home, sit down and look around at some of the amazing projects people are working on on this planet, see how you can participate, tell us about projects you know, comment on what you see!  Just make sure to come back often, we are only starting out with a few projects but would like them to grow day by day. So please suggest a project if you know one! You can like our Facebook page to stay informed, send us feedback, comments, suggestions, anything that would help improve ALLISGOOD to help more people help out in great projects is welcome.

Be part of the good things for 2016! Happy New Year to all!

The Allisgood Team


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