The Mustard Seed Project is building a school and helping the community of Mgongen in Kenya

  • school and children playing in front if it

The Mustard Seed Project is a small charity that focuses on the community of Mgongen in Kenya. They already have a running school with 2 buildings. They are microfinancing women’s projects, helping them to start small businesses and are training adults to allow them to find jobs. They have dug a well, opened a clinic and a small library.  You can help as a volunteer, become a sponsor or donate money. Regular donations to assure food for the kids are needed.

Why we think this cause is special: This charity is turning a slum into a good place to live providing the basics: water, education, medical facilities and job opportunities along with food for the kids so that they can study better, around 96% of your money goes directly to the cause,

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