What is Allisgood?

Allisgood is a place with good news about good things happening to make this world a better place.

Allisgood is a place with good news about good things happening to make this world a better place. We mainly focus on small charities and local projects where the help goes straight to those who need it and little money is spent on overhead costs. You can check out the projects and charities here and see how you can help. You can also suggest a project/small charity that you would like to give exposure to.


  • Is it all about donating money?

    Of course not, that would be frustrating for people who are not that wealthy and want to help. First of all, you can already help by spreading the good news and get inspired to do something yourself, then you can check the way you can help on each project, even if you have no money. You can also check out our good ideas section where you will find simple actions that can help!  

  • Where do you find the projects?

    We hear about projects from friends, we search the web for cool news and new inventions, we check various crowdfunding sites, we ask around, we try out things…. we also hope you will use our form to submit projects yourself. In short there is no specific organized way our projects are collected, we just keep eyes and ears open for good news.

  • How do you select the projects?

    We select them in a very subjective way, we choose the ones we consider good. We are thankful for every project you submit, but please keep in mind that we reserve the right to choose which ones will be considered good for Allisgood. We particularly like projects that help solve serious issues in very seriously affected areas and where the help provided goes straight to the place/people where it is needed. Sometimes we will choose a project just because we think it is cool! If your project is refused, please forgive us and try submitting another one!

  • Why Allisgood when there are so many sites suggesting donations/fundraising/ crowdfunding help?
    • Allisgood focuses on projects and small charities that are not that well-known and where the help goes directly to those who need it.
    • Allisgood translates projects found in only one language so that you can learn about projects you would never have heard of and make your project known in other languages.
    • Every project is carefully examined before it is posted. If the project is there, it means the Allisgood team really thought it was a good project, and the team is very picky.
  • Why did you start Allisgood?

    We believe that if everyone does a little good, it will eventually make the world a better place.  And we believe that by making these small projects and charities known, we can help them do more good and it will inspire more people to help and do good things.

  • Can we contact you directly?
    Yes, of course we are open to suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism, please use the contact form. If you have good ideas for projects that can be done but are not concrete yet, please tell us about them too. Also, please feel free to comment on the projects.


Who is behind Allisgood?

My name is CCarolinearoline. I realized that many people wanted to help others and didn’t know if the money really got to the right people, and on the other hand many great small projects didn’t get enough publicity to receive enough help, and that hearing about them felt great in contrast to the bad news that get a lot of media coverage. I decided to create Allisgood to share good news and help people help others do great things. I hope to add many, many more cool projects going on in the world, with your help! Big thanks to my amazing web designers surfy.io !